Suite Sound Labs

Audio Mastering

Grammy nominated engineer

Online mastering or attend your session at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver, BC. World-class mastering using digital and analog tools.

Analog Processing

• Chandler LTD-2 Mastering Compressors
• Sonic Farm Creamliner II Tube Processor
• Focusrite Blue 315 Isomorphic EQ
• ANT (Telefunken) W695B EQs
• Dangerous Music BAX Mastering EQ
•Elysia Xpressor Discrete Class-A Stereo Compressor
• Custom Crookwood Analog Transfer Console


• Custom Crookwood Mastering Console
• Dynaudio Confidence 3 with Bryston 4B-ST Amplification
•Barefoot Footprint 01
• Yamaha NS10M with Focal Sub
• Grado Headphones
• Custom Mogami Neglex cable throughout the studio

Playback / Record / Digital

• Apogee Symphony System Converters
• Lavry Black Converters
• 192 I/O Interface
• Rosendahl Nanosync Master Clock
• Tascam DA 45 DAT Recorder
• Tascam CD-A750 CD and Cassette Recorder
• Technics 1200 M3D Turntable with Ortofon cartridge
• Plextor CD Writers
• Many Digital Processing and Restoration Tools, Plug Ins, Software, etc.