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Audio Mastering

Grammy nominated engineer

Online mastering or attend your session at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver, BC. World-class mastering using digital and analog tools.

The control room, designed by John Vrtacic (facility designer for Metallica, Bob Rock and Bruce Fairbairn), is Vancouver's finest listening environment for this crucial and final stage of music production.

Most importantly, we bring a fresh perspective and experienced ears to all projects. Full client satisfaction and a commercially competitive result are always guaranteed.

Rates are $50-$90 per song depending on the number of songs done in a session.

Contact us for a price quote on your project:

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Greg Mindorff (aka The Stunt Man) has been a professional audio engineer since the mid-1990s. He started his career in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, during the tail end of the analog era and swiftly made the transition into today’s digital age with a clear understanding of the history of recorded sound. After relocating to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1998, he extended his portfolio to include all areas of audio engineering: recording, mixing, live sound, and production. Greg began teaching audio recording at the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2001 and has continued to specialize in mastering as the owner of East Vancouver’s Suite Sound Labs. Greg’s work as a engineer is a testament to his analog-to-digital background, patience, and a finely honed ear for detail. In late 2015, Greg was nominated for a Grammy award for his work on the Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985 compilation. Other clients have included Ice-T, D.O.A., and Tom Green.